Cantab Software Limited (CSL) has provided services to the following organisations (list not exhaustive):
  • Chemtech Waste Management - Total waste management solution provided for this entrepreneurial UK company
  • KIA Cars - Dealer information system (intranet based) employing ASP and SQL Server technology. The system is complemented by an Access 2000 based dealer management system that can directly update the SQL Server database. The intranet is strategic to KIA's day-to-day management of the dealer network throughout the UK.
  • Jarvis plc - intranet treasury system with highly configurable authorization mechanism. Reports may be generated online as MS Excel compatible files and either auto-emailed, downloaded or viewed on screen.
  • Daimler Chrysler - dealer management system, technician training management system and call logging software developed in both Access and SQL Server.
  • Chrysler UK - prior to the Daimler take-over, CSL had produced a dealer management system, financial planning systems, technical training database and courtesy car management database. A Visual Basic data extraction wizard was produced and used by secretarial staff and PA's company wide. CSL's association with Chrysler goes back to 1996 and continues today.
  • INTERxVENTUSA The mission of INTERxVENT is to "optimize the health and quality of life of as many individuals as possible by providing access to an affordable, scientifically-based, comprehensive cardiovascular disease risk reduction program". CSL helped produce an Access database that served as a proto-type for a web based software solution that is now live and helps to deliver the INTERxVENT program to over 15,000 people. CSL were major contributors to this advanced SQL Server / ASP web site that does far more than merely store comprehensive health history data about the participants of the INTERx VENT program. Detailed and comprehensive clinical algorithms based on the latest medical standards and research use the participant's health history information and produce a completely individual plan for improved health and life-style management.

  • Cummins (Diesels) - in conjunction with Visarc Ltd, CSL has produced competitor analysis software that was distributed by CD throughout the world.
  • Warren Point Ltd - CSL has a long standing association with this well established software house. Many joint projects have been under-taken.
  • Xerox - in conjunction with MardiGras Consulting Ltd, CSL assisted with the extraction and presentation of data from a SAP database.
  • Gambro Hospal Ltd - CSL produced an 'off-stock' management system for this large supplier of equipment to the medical profession.
  • The Wine Society or 'International Exhibition Co-Operative Wine Society' to use the full name. The Wine Society is a large mail order wine retailer for which CSL helped produce Access based systems that integrate with an AS/400 computer.
  • Viking Johnson Ltd - various MS Access based systems responsible for processing advanced financial transactions in the millions ( Sterling).
  • PTFE Fabricators Ltd - technical estimating Software.