Cantab Software Limited (CSL) was founded in 1996 and specialises in the delivery of cost effective IT solutions carefully targeted to meet our client's needs.

Employing the latest technologies, we are able to help your business stay competitive and maintain a real presence in today's fast changing world.

This is achieved by operating from a low cost base just outside Cambridge and, where appropriate, drawing upon the skills of our associates. CSL is able to efficiently customise the solution to meet your individual requirements.

Systems integration, in order to deliver the maximum benefit for your IT investment, is the keynote of our approach. We can first help you unravel the 'big picture' and then colour in the detail utilising the latest technologies that support Internet, intranet, or local area network based solutions.

CSL has many years of database design experience to support your E-commerce and other applications.

Our impressive client list and high incidence of repeat business, is testament to the quality of our solutions and use of the latest IT technologies to help develop meaningful business solutions.